5 Fun Culture Activities for Spring Break


World Crafts

Looking for a way to channel your kids’ Spring Break energy into something fun? Here’s 5 ideas for crafts and activities that take on a cultural twist!

Let’s JUMP into Spring! Learn to say “Jump!” in:

Italian Salta!

Sidewalk Chalk Art Gallery

Weather permitting, you can create a masterpiece on your driveway or sidewalk, finding inspiration in the great masters! ‘Paint’ an Impressionism landscape like Claude Monet; have friends pose for a portrait like Rembrandt; or maybe Egyptian cave drawings are more your style. Whatever art you choose, be creative and have fun expressing yourself!

World Music Dance Party

When you are tired of dancing to the rock stylings of One Direction, try your moves to world music on iTunes or Pandora. TheMaking Multicultural Music blog by Daria also has great videos of world musicians and information about unique instruments.

Make a Difference in the World

Take a minute to reflect on how kids around the world might be spending their days. It can be overwhelming to consider the difficult and dangerous situations many of the world’s children find themselves in every day. Kids can help by contributing to charity or simply being kinder to the earth to help make the world a better place.

Hopscotch…around the World

Learn the words for 1-10 in other languages and see if you can hop and speak as you go. Learn variations of Hopscotch and play like they do in Italy, Albania, the Netherlands, or the Czech Republic.

World of Snacks

After all this activity, you’ll need to refuel with some great food! Why not try some kid-friendly snacks from different cultures? Who knows, you might find a new favorite from Thailand, Japan or Italy to eat after a long day at school.

What will YOU do on Spring Break? Share your ideas and activities in the Comments below!

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