Laura Arribas is a Spanish native with eight years of teaching experience. She is currently an adjunct instructor at the University at Buffalo who enjoys biking, practicing yoga, and cooking.

Janet Banhidi is bilingual in Spanish and has taught at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She develops and edits language curriculum for educational publishers and has presented many workshops on using technology in language education.

Clementine Berthelemy is a native of Cannes, France.

Maria C. Cimato-Cirulli is bilingual in Italian and currently works as an adjunct professor of Italian at Canisius College and at the University at Buffalo. She spent 11 years in Italy teaching English as a Second Language to the Italian military. She loves to travel with her family and cook. She has three children and a soccer-loving husband.

Edo Forsythe is a retired US Navy Russian Senior Chief. He served 20 years as a Russian translator, analyst and Russian teacher at various locations. He currently teaches English, American History, and Cultural Studies at Hirosaki Gakuin University in northern Japan. His interests include technology in language learning, amateur photography, reading historical fiction, being active in the community and spending time with his family. He speaks English, Russian and Japanese and loves to share his passion for languages with others.

Yu-Ju Hung is from Taipei, Taiwan. She is a native of Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese, and she also speaks English and Spanish. She is currently a PhD student majoring in Spanish linguistics at University at Buffalo where she teaches Spanish. She enjoys reading, cooking, and learning languages.

Xeuhong Lu is the Program Coordinator and Instructor for the Chinese Program at the University at Buffalo.

Cay Miller teaches English as a Second Language to elementary school children in Maryland. She enjoys traveling and photographing world sites with her friends and family.

Kathi Miller is a former art teacher and elementary educator who happens to be the mom of Kennedy Schultz. Her assistance in researching cultural topics has been very helpful!

Nicolo Musner is a native of Padova, Italy. For the past 7 years, he has lived and worked in Milan. He is currently a PhD student in Molecular Medicine at the University San Raffaele of Milan. His hobbies include learning languages (he also speaks English and German), and as he says “like every Italian, I love soccer!”

Ben Prudek has lived in many cities in the US (Chicago, Minneapolis, Nashville, Portland), and on a couple of different continents, and has traveled to more than 30 countries around the world. He likes foreign languages and new experiences. Right now he speaks English, Spanish, Czech, Chinese, and a few others, but he wants to learn more.

Kennedy Schultz is the Founder and Director of Explor-A-World. She has a doctorate in French literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a specialization in theatre and French-speaking culture. Her travels include many countries in Europe as well as Morocco, the Caribbean, and China. She enjoys cooking, volunteering, and traveling with her husband and three boys.

Lucy W. Shih grew up in an environment of Mandarin, Taiwanese, and Hakka; later she studied French while attending U.C. Berkeley. She has taught and advised families and professionals for over 10 years, most recently teaching Chinese to elder learners in San Francisco Bay Area. Lucy is a certified MBTI practitioner and enjoys volunteering and the outdoors.

Angelika Terzakis, a German native, came to the USA in 1996. She is a candidate for teacher certification with concentration on German language at Canisius College in Buffalo. She currently works as a teacher aide at Lewiston-Porter High School, where she initiated a student exchange program with a German high school. She teaches private lessons in German for all age groups and offers German language instruction in the Continuing Education Programs. She enjoys languages, traveling, cooking and reading. She is married and has two cats.

Margarita Vargas is an Associate Professor of Spanish at the University at Buffalo. A native of El Paso, Texas, she also teaches comparative literature and women’s studies. She is an active community volunteer and is currently working on a project about Latina identity in Spanish-American theatre.