2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Mrs. Schultz introduced her program in my daughters school while she was in first grade. She enjoyed every minute of the program. She especially liked the food games and learning various languages. As a parent, I absolutely loved that at such at young age she was introduced to such diverse language experiences. I thought it was a fantastic curriculum and I was very impressed that it could be utilized for children as young as first grade.

  2. The Explor-A-World lessons we have used to teach French, German, and Spanish to children enrolled in our PTA foreign language program in grades K-3 have been tremendously helpful! I really appreciate the communicative nature and adaptability of the lessons. Explor-A-World encourages children to become excited about languages and cultures through fun, engaging, hands-on activities. The inclusion of phonetic pronunciation of words and realia has helped to reduce teacher preparation time. The Explor-A-World program is fantastic, and I would highly recommend it to anyone desiring to implement foreign language curriculum into their classes or as an extracurricular activity at the elementary level!

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