Le Jour de la Francophonie!


Welcome to the Park School Francophone Trivia Page!

The purpose of this page is to raise awareness of the diverse traditions, people, and places where French is spoken in the world and to celebrate Le Jour de la Francophonie on March 20, 2015.

This week, check back EACH DAY for two trivia questions about Francophone Culture. If you can answer the questions, submit your responses in the form below (name, email, and answers only). (We will provide some helpful links if you need any hints.)

We will keep track of correct answers and have a random prize drawing at the end of the week. All participants will receive a Certificate of Francophone Knowledge and some lucky winners will receive small prizes in the drawing!

Bonne chance! (Good luck!)
Mme Schultz and Mme Jeswald

32px-Nuvola_Senegalese_flag.svgNuvola_Quebec_flag.svg (1)FranceFlag

Questions for Friday, March 20

1. What famous québecoise pop singer got her start singing in her parent’s piano bar?
2. Which US state is about the same size (in square miles) as the country of France?

Did you miss any questions this week? No problem…here they are! Submit all your answers if you missed a day to add to your chances of winning a raffle prize!

Questions for Thursday, March 19

1. What 3 countries are referred to as Le Maghreb?

2. Name 2 French Départements that are not part of mainland France.

Questions for Wednesday, March 18

1. What is the date of the French Independence Day?

2. In what country did French fries originate?

Questions for Tuesday, March 17
1. How many continents have countries whose official languages include French?

2. Name two sports competitions that occur at Québec’s Winter festival?

Questions for Monday, March 16
1. What three colors are in the French flag?

2. Which of these celebrities is NOT a fluent French-speaker: Bradley Cooper, Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp, Emma Watson.

Need a hint? Check here, or here, here or here!

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