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Welcome to Explor-A-World!
Our unique curriculum provides you with everything you need to begin learning world languages in your own home.

Each lesson includes 8-12 thematic vocabulary words and 3-5 communicative activities to practice using the words in real-world contexts. In addition to phonetic pronunciation guides, each word has a native speaker audio file pronouncing the word so you can model authentic pronunciation.

Lessons are developed for three age groups corresponding to grades K/1, grades 2/3 and grades 4/5. This allows us to provide a series of activities that adapt to the developmental levels of growing children. When your child is ready to move on to a new level, simply choose the new level tab and view additional activities.

Our goal is to help children develop an interest in language learning through fun, interactive games. When you engage your child in the learning process through these family-oriented activities, you help to model fun learning and support their language-learning efforts.

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Feel free to explore the website and try out some lessons using your unique trial log-in and password.

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