Winter German

Welcome to the Winter German Session!

Each week, we will list the words that we have learned on this page along with audio files so that you can listen to the vocabulary at home. Share the words with your family! Continue scrolling down to see the current week’s lesson

German Greetings!

English German Pronunciation
Hello! Guten Tag Gooten tahk
How are you? Wie geht’s? Vee gayt’s
Good! Gut! Goot
Not good. Nicht gut. Nih-kt goot
Not bad. Nicht schlecht nih-kt shleh-kt
Goodbye. Auf Wiedersehen/Tschüss Owf veeder zayern/chooss
What is your name? Wie heist du? Vee high’st doo?
My name is…. Ich heisse Ish high-seh
Please Bitte Bit-uh
Thank you. Danka schön Dunk-uh

To hear audio files, click here: German Greetings

Explor-A-World German: Numbers

1 Eins Eye’ns
2 Zwei Tsv’eye
3 Drei Dry
4 Vier Feer
5 Fünf Foonf
6 Sechs Zex
7 Sieben Zeeb’n
8 Acht Uhkht
9 Neun Noyn
10 Zehn T’say’n
11 Elf Elf
12 Zwölf Zvohlf
How many? Wie viel Vee feel
There are… Es gibt…. Ehs geebt

To hear audio files, click here:
German Numbers

At-Home Activity: Count everything! How many plates on the dinner table? How many chairs in the living room? How many windows in each room of your house? Make a chart of numbers and track what you find (i.e 2= pets, windows in bedroom. 5=chairs, plates, etc.)Teach your family how to say “How many” and “There are” and practice the number words with them. Also, make a paper fortune teller using numbers 1-10. (For instructions, visit this website) Count using the language words as a friend or family member chooses each number.

Explor-A-World German: Weather

English German Pronunciation
Sun die Sonne Dee Soh-nnuh
Rain der Regen Dare Rayghun
Snow der Schnee Dare Shnee
Wind der Wind Dare Veend
Cloud die Wolke Dee Voelkuh
It’s nice (weather). Es ist schön Ehs eest shern
It’s bad (weather). Es ist schlecht Ehs eest shlaykt
It’s snowing. Es schneit Ehs shn-eye-t
It’s raining. Es regnet Ehs Rayg-nuht
It’s sunny. Es ist sonnig Ehs eest sew-nik
It’s windy. Es ist windig Ehs eest veen-dik
What’s the weather like? Wie ist das Wetter? Vee eest duss VET-tuh

To hear audio files, click here:
German Weather
At-Home Activity: Make predictions with your family: what do you think it will be like tomorrow? Next week? Track your family’s guesses on a chart and when the day comes, see who was right (what the weather was really like.) Look in your closet: which of your clothes would be good in different weather? If you complete this activity during the week, send me an email using the link below! Have fun!

Explor-A-World German: Buildings

English German Pronunciation
Bank die Bank Dee Bunk
Museum das Museum Duss moo-SAY-oom
House das Haus Duss House
School die Schule Dee SHOO-luh
Market der Marktplatz Dare Mahrkt-plahts
Hotel das Hotel Duss HOE-tell
Theater das Theater Duss Tay-AH-tuhr
Mall das Einkaufszentrum Duss INE-cowfs-tsantroom
Post office die Post Dee Poest
Where are you going? Wohin gehst Du? Voe-hinn gayst Doo?trong>

To hear audio files, click here: German Buildings

At-Home Activity: Make a map of your neighborhood. Draw your house, and see if you can map out where the different buildings are that you visit around town. Where is the bank? Your school? The post office? Which building is the farthest from your home? the closest?

When you finish this activity, send me an email using the link below! Have fun!


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